Tuition and Cancellation Policy

Individual Lesson (Piano, String and Woodwind)
$40/30 mins
$55/45 mins
$70/60 mins

Pre-School Music Class (3-5 students per class)
$30/45 min

Performance Class
Free for students who enrolled in any individual lesson.

Musicianship Class
$150 per term (5 weeks. 1 hour per week)

Chamber Music Class
$150 per term (5 weeks. 45 mins-class per week)

Theory Class
$400 per term (10 weeks. 2 hours per week)

Sight-Singing and Ear Training Class (1 class each month)
Free for  students who enrolled in any individual lesson.

Rhythm Class (1 class each month)
Free for  students who enrolled in any individual lesson.

Youth Orchestra
$650 per year

Cancellation Policy 

1.  Any absences without 24 hours prior notices are charged at the regular rate without exceptions.

2.  All make-up lessons must be completed within the current term. No credits can be extended into the next term.

3.  All tuition and registration fees are final. There will be no refund under any circumstances.

4.  In case of multiple absences or single absence with advance notice, your credit(s) will be kept for up to 8 weeks. Make-up lessons will be scheduled upon your return.

5.  Each student is allowed to have one absence due to medical emergencies per semester. A note from Doctor must be submitted.

6.  Make-up lessons may be given by different teachers in the school.

7.   a late tuition penalty of $20 per week will be accessed. The full amount of tuition should be paid before the first lesson of each term at the latest. 

8.  Registration fee for new students is $30. Students who have discontinued lessons are considered new students.